New Type of Vaporizer Developed For Hospitals

(Photo: Syqe Medical)

(Photo: Syqe Medical)

An Israeli start-up has developed a new type of vaporizing device, which they believe will give more doctors the confidence to prescribe marijuana.

The Syqe Inhaler is being marketed as the world’s first metered-dose cannabis vaporizer. While not available to the public yet, it is expected to appear in Israeli hospitals by the end of this year.

The Syqe Inhaler differs from traditional vaporizers by using granules of cannabis rather than raw flowers. The granules, which come in sizes as small as 1 mg, contain standardized portions of whole cannabis.

So, instead of relying on patients to achieve the right dose on their own, the Syqe gives doctors a way to prescribe and administer precise doses of marijuana. In other words, it provides a “pharmaceutical method for cannabis dosing.”

Israel has one of the world’s largest medical marijuana programs, with more than 20,000 authorized patients. Vaporizers also happen to be one of the more popular ways for patients to take their medicine.

Vaporizers are considered a healthier alternative to smoking, since they eliminate the harmful toxins created when cannabis is burned. But traditional vaporizers lack a method of delivering the same dose of cannabis each time — a problem the Syqe Inhaler seems to solve.

The Syqe has already shown promise in a Phase I clinical trial. The study, which involved 8 patients with neuropathic pain, found that using the device led to a 45% reduction in pain intensity, lasting 90 minutes on average.

However, the team behind the device is still looking to raise $10 to 15 million in funding in order to make it available for home users.

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