5 Portable Marijuana Vaporizers Worth Investing In

(Photo: ozontw/Flickr)

(Photo: ozontw/Flickr)

Something everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime would be a marijuana vaporizer, which allows you to smoke without reaching combustion. It is a unique experience for anyone that first tries it. But when it comes to choosing the best marijuana vaporizer, it’s important to look carefully and invest in a high quality unit.

The main purpose of owning a portable vaporizer is to have complete stealth and discretion when smoking in public. With no odor or smell, you can get away with vaporizing pretty much anywhere. Now the question to ask yourself — is it worth it to invest in a vaporizer?

Haze Vaporizer – $249

The Haze is the first portable dual marijuana vaporizer on the market. It has 4 different temperature settings, perfect for the different density and moisture types of buds (dry, sticky, hard, soft).

The Haze has two types of heating inside the steel walls, offering both convection and conduction heating. The device will force cool air out with its patent pending cooling system. With a flick of the switch, you can set it on conduction heating where the material is in direct contact with the heat source.

The cool thing the Haze can do that no other portable vaporizer can is being able to simultaneously vaporize two different types of materials with alternate heating methods at the same time. This will give you a rich, flavorful and unique experience. With LED temperature display, you’ll also know the exact temperature setting the device is on with different coloured lights. The Haze heats up very quickly and will last 6 hours on a full charge.

The Haze took over 5 years to research and develop but finally we have a high quality portable vaporizer that’s backed with a 10 year warranty, and only costs $249.99. It’s a high quality portable vaporizer worth investing in that will save you money in the long run.

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Plenty Vaporizer – $299

The company behind the Volcano, Storz and Bickel, created the insane-looking Plenty vaporizer. It is one of the highest rated portable vaporizers on the market. Many people who have bought the Plenty say they love it.

It is a well priced herbal vaporizer that uses very powerful, robust hand-held technology. Comprising of a hot air generator, this unit looks like it can do a lot for a portable vaporizer. But it is more simple than its complex look, since the Plenty doesn’t use any pumps or balloons and runs very quiet. The double helix heat exchanger provides efficient air heating and produces a thick, clean vapor.

The stainless steel cooling coil ensures anyone that uses it will be able to take the deepest hits without any burning their throat or lungs. When heated, it can reach temperatures of around 266F-395F (130C-230C). The Plenty vaporizer costs $299.99 and comes with a 3 year warranty. Made with the same quality standards as the Volcano, the Plenty provides an unique aromatic experience no other portable vaporizer can match.

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Atmos Transporter – $109

One of the newest portable vaporizers, the Atmos Transporter uses a high grade ceramic chamber which can vaporize marijuana at very hot temperatures without any funny tastes. It’s designed to look just like a flask built out of an anodized scratch resistant shell.

Atmos calls it “The Oven” because of the heating chamber inside. Using no coils but an embedded heating element, this unit gives an even vaporization experience ensuring all your herbs are fully utilized. Some portable vaporizers require the user to shake it for an even burn. Luckily, with the Transporter that isn’t necessary.

This unit’s chamber is fairly large, and can hold up to 2 grams of material. The bottom swivels out where you insert your herbs into the chamber. Press the button, and within 45 seconds you’ll be inhaling thick vapor. The Atmos Transporter costs only $109.99 and is a perfect vaporizer that will end up saving you tons of money. You can even protect your investment with an extended warranty on top of the standard 3 year warranty.

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DaVinci Vaporizer – $129


The DaVinci vaporizer has been around for years and remains one of the most popular portable vaporizers today. Famous for its ruggedness, the DaVinci is a budget-friendly vaporizer built with the adventurer in mind.

While some portable vaporizers can be fragile, you don’t have to worry about accidently dropping the DaVinci. According to the manufacturer, each DaVinci unit has been drop-tested 6 times from a height of 10 feet. The DaVinci also features a rechargeable battery, with each charge providing approximately 1 hour of continuous usage.

In addition to its sturdy build, the DaVinci vaporizer offers precise digital temperature control, allowing you to adjust the heating power of your unit. Each unit also comes with a removable oil cartridge, giving you the option of vaping flowers or concentrates.

Priced at just $129.99 and backed by a 2-year warranty, the DaVinci vaporizer offers tremendous value for those looking for a portable vaporizer that won’t break the bank.

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Magic Flight Launch Box – $119


The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the most unique portable vaporizers out on the market right now. At only 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, it is an ideal vaporizer for carrying around and staying low-key.

Despite its unconventional design, the Magic Flight Launch Box is surprisingly simple to use. Relying on a single rechargeable AA battery to power the heating element, the Launch Box has no cords or plugs. To use it, you simply apply pressure on the battery, wait a few seconds, and then inhale from the mouthpiece.

Handcrafted in the USA, the Magic Flight Launch Box comes in three different finishes (maple, walnut or cherry). A lifetime warranty ensures that you’ll be enjoying this vaporizer for years to come.

At a low price of $119, the Magic Flight Launch Box is an ideal choice for those who prefer function over fashion.

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The Whole Point of Portable Vaporizers…

Many don’t know that a marijuana vaporizer provides a carcinogen-free experience for the user. There are over 450 different types of chemicals in marijuana smoke. When you vaporize, many of the cancer-causing ingredients are eliminated. The result is a vapor containing highly concentrated amounts of THC.

Aside from the purity of vapor, another incentive for using a marijuana vaporizer is the increase in strength. Vaporizing raises the potency levels of cannabis by up to 85%, which will give you a more intense experience and make sure that you save more marijuana. If you’re someone who smokes every day, you could expect to save as much as $6,000 a year, which makes $200-500 for a high quality vaporizer well worth the investment. You can shop online for a wide selection of portable vaporizers at YourVaporizers.Com

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